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If you have a music event or music related opportunity (concert, workshops, scholarships, awards, news or announcements), we can provide FREE promotion via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our e-newsletter.

Auckland City of Music is inclusive and welcomes all genres, cultures and music disciplines - this is a chance to celebrate and promote music as a reflection of Auckland's diversity. All we ask is that you include our logo in your promotional material, wherever possible and tag us on social media.

To receive FREE promotion, or if you have any queries about social media channels, or logo to use, plese contact us. We can also discuss other ways that we can support your event.

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ACOM'S social media channels and handles for you to use are:
Facebook @aucklandcityofmusic
Instagram @aucklandcityofmusic
Twitter @AKLcityofmusic

Use of Auckland City of Music logo and assets

You may use the Auckland City of Music logo or other  brand assets with written permission from Auckland City of Music. To request permission to use our logo or any other brand assets, send an email to info@aucklandcityofmusic.nz with a description of intended usage and accompanying copy. If useage of the logo is deemed innapropriate, we may require you to stop using our brand assets if we believe that your use falls outside these rules or the scope of any permission we give you.

Download Logo and Brand Assets

Download our assets here.