Music plays a key role in forming the identity and telling the stories of a city. We express ourselves through music, and in turn that music expresses who we are.

For Māori, music is a divine gift passed down by the gods. It is embedded in traditional ceremony and preserves stories of the past. These stories live on today, woven into our culture and city.

As time passes, our stories will mix with the songs and sounds of the future. Creating a new chorus and adding to the ever-evolving story of this place, Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland.

Vision Te tirohanga whānui

Music in Tāmaki Makaurau is thriving and is a source of pride and inspiration for Aucklanders, with a music scene that provides a platform for success and reflects the culture and character of the city.

He momoho te puoro i roto o Tāmaki Makaurau, he puna whakahīhī me te whakaohooho ia mō ngā iwi o Tāmaki, he ao puoro tōna ka noho hei atamira e eke ai ki tōna taumata, ka kitea hoki ngā tikanga me te mauri o te tāone nui.

Goals Ngā whāinga

Identity / Te tuakiri

Auckland celebrates its strong music identity.

On the global stage, the city’s name will bring to mind music that is distinctive, excellent and innovative.

Music ecology / Te mātai hauropi puoro

Auckland is focused on developing a sustainable music sector.

Auckland has a robust music sector that offers viable career paths for all creatives, supported by resilient systems for the creation, production and distribution of music.

Music economy / Te ōhanga puoro

Auckland’s music economy is thriving and creating jobs.

There will be increased spending on the production of live music, tickets to see live music and music tourism, as well as an increase in the creation of recorded music, publishing and music management in Auckland. This flourishing economy will also help to attract businesses and people to the city.

Music culture / Ngā tikanga ā-puoro

Cultural and social growth is embedded in the success of the Auckland music industry.

Access to and participation in musical life, as well as the enjoyment of music in all its forms for all Aucklanders and visitors, thanks to initiatives involving the public and private sector to make creativity an essential part of urban development and culture.

Connections / Ngā hononga

Auckland uses music to bridge distances and enhance our international connections.

Auckland leverages its UCCN networks to strengthen international cooperation, exchanges and opportunities with other network cities.

Profile / He whakarāpopototanga

Auckland promotes itself as an Auckland UNESCO City of Music.

Members of the public are aware of Auckland’s UCCN status and the benefits that being in the network offer the city. Participation in City of Music stories and connected events is easy.

Actions Ngā mahi

Strengthening the music ecosystem

  • Promoting the vital role of grassroots venues
  • A specialised skilled workforce
  • Help to grow sustainable creative communities
  • Develop creative launchpads and incubator hubs

Collaborate with UCCN cities

Champion Māori music on a world stage

Supporting music and creative networks in the Pacific region

Promote the use of music in public spaces

Value and preserve our music heritage

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