1. For some background on the impacts of the proposed Budget Cuts and for more resources, we suggest you visit the website of Te Taumata Toi-a-Iwi Regional Arts Trust and - who we thank for their work.
  2. Follow this link to Auckland Council's Submission Portal. It will take you to the AK Have Your Say Survey, which has some background information about what is proposed and seven questions for you to answer.
  3. Follow our guide below to answer the survey questions (or complete it however you see fit). Your voice - and music - matters!

Question 1: Operating spending reductions

We suggest selecting: Do not proceed with any reductions and instead further increase rates and/or debt.

Question 2: Amending Auckland International Airport Limited (AIAL) Shareholding Policy

We suggest selecting: don’t change the policy, keep all our shares and further increase rates and/or debt; or enable a partial sale.

Question 3: Managing rates and debt

We suggest: Choose ‘other,’ and COPY/PASTING the following:

Council should increase rates and make greater use of debt as appropriate in order to reject the proposed cuts to arts & culture funding and protect the cultural wellbeing of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.

Question 4: Storm response

We suggest: ​​Proceed with the proposal to increase our operating budget by around $20 million each year.

Question 5: Local Board Priorities

We suggest: Click on your Local Board area and read up on what’s happening. Offer feedback where possible (in open text boxes) that you oppose the idea of cuts to these crucial public and community services.

Question 6: Changes to other rates, fees and charges

We suggest: Respond as you see fit and if there’s something you’re passionate about, elaborate on it within the open text box.

Question 7: What else is important to you?

We suggest: Reiterate any  issues you are most passionate about and explain why Council should invest in these things and/or simply COPY/PASTE the text below AND UPLOAD A LETTER BASED ON OUR TEMPLATE.

The proposed Budget, which would reduce both investment and community participation in creative and cultural activities including music, does not achieve the fundamental purpose of Local Government. It poses an immense and imminent risk to our cultural wellbeing and to prosperity and opportunities for Aucklanders and their businesses, which will have a consequent economic effect nationally, and on the talent pipeline and international reputation of Aotearoa.